EAGLE PROJECTS pending dates (In order of age)

Steven Fellenzer – Middletown Parks Dept Maple Hill Park – Trail (Board approved)

Austen Hrynda- Catskill Garden for the Elderly (Board approved)

Vincent – Sterling Forest Trail - on hold pending approval by State agencies



January – Scout Elections term is 2/1/19 to 8/1/19 (Please email Dave if you’d like a leadership position)

January 1:  AMC Family Movie outing – Aquaman (Julia - 12)

January 3: Committee/2019 calendar review & revision

January 4-6: Camping D&H Canal heated cabin - 2-nights – leaders cooking (Dave)

January 10: Scout Meeting # 1: Stop the Bleed, Save a Life with John (Julia – enrollment 7 + 10)

January 24: Scout Meeting # 2: 3D Printing Demo with Bryan – former scout (Joanne)

Snowtubing TBD



February 3: Scout Sunday at SPC - possible TBD?

February 7: Committee/PLC

February 9: Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser 7:30am – 10:30am

February 21: Scouts (Topic TBD)

February 28: Scouts (Topic TBD)



March 7: Committee/PLC/Scouts

March 14: Spring Court of Honor (at SPC ?)

March 28: Scouts (Topic TBD).

March 30th MHS “Hello Dolly” (AJ France in lead role, with Ethan in tech)

Fire training center TBD

Steven project month TBD – 1-2 days, large group?





April 4: Committee/PLC Scouts

April 11: Scouts (Topic TBD)

April 25: Scouts Outdoor “Cooking at Clares” – tentative TBD (Clare & Aidan)

April 26-28: Tentative West Point Camporee

April 27: NYC Highline trail/ Engineering (Adults: Clare & Saul + more TBD)

Rock climbing in NJ TBD.



May 2: Committee/PLC Scouts (Last meeting of year)

May 23: Flags on Veteran graves

May 27: Memorial Day Parade in Pine Bush – TBD?

May 30: Flags off Veterans graves

Austen project month TBD – 3-4 half-days, small groups?



June 6: Committee (Elections term from 8/1/19 to 2/1/20 – if we have a leader)

Summer Court of Honor & BBQ Date TBD? June 15th?

June 20: Summer Kick off - Round One? Move to summer or keep in June?

Deep Sea Fishing, Captree Long Island. Date TBD June 22nd? (Ed, Julia & Dan….)

Need 20-25 people total, 7am/9am start, Scouts $30 paid by Troop, Adults $35 self-pay (Pack a cooler for lunch & fish, Dramamine, clothing layers, sunblock. Cash to Julia by April 1st so that we can book. Monies refunded in event of bad weather)

No Thursday scout meetings due to heavy calendar & scout final exams?



Ziplining at Hunter Mountain TBD

July 4: Parade in Circleville TBD?

July – Summer Camp if requested.


Dates for Next Calendar:

2019 Manzas: October 5th & 6th

2020 Manzas October 10th & 24th