Boy Scout Troop 273 Scotchtown, NY was founded in 1995 and offered boys fun outdoor adventure that teaches useful skills and develops character. 
We provided a safe, friendly environment where boys can practice leadership. camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, pioneering skills, map reading and other fun skills. 
We used outdoor adventures to develop personal growth.  
No new members have joined in the last 3 years and most of the Troop has aged out so even though the Troop rechartered in March 2020 it is not active.
If you have interest in joining Scouting please contact your local council.

 Ryan Lake & Matt Mulvihill's Eagle Scout Court of Honor - 4/25/09 Memorial Day flags May 2009
 Emergency Preparedness Camporee May 2009

Court of Honor 2010
  2010 Campout Survivorman 2010
 2012 West Point Football
 2011 Gettysburg
 2011 Manza's Farm Pumpkin Chuckin'
2012 Summer Camp 2012 Summer Camp
  2012 Summer Camp
 Gettysburg April 2013 Backpacking in Harriman State Park October 2013 Camping in Winding Hills November 2013
 Winter hike March 2014
 West Point Camporee May 2014Scout Service Project Fall 2014
 Eagle award 2015 April 2015 Canoeing on the Rondout August 2015 Canoeing on the Bashakill September 2015
capsize drill
 Eagle service project 2016, when they were done there was a bridge on this trail
 Canoeing Merit Badge August 2016 Pumpkin Chuckin' November 2016
notice the "brave" leaders as targets...

Making sure that the coffee is ready, most important job on the campout...

 Canoeing Lake Chodikee June 2017  Kayaking Merit Badge July 2017
 Winter Camping December 2017
CPR/AED Training February 2018
 Court of Honor - March 2018  Canoeing - Winding Hills May 2018
 Preparing to put flags on veteran's graves for Memorial Day
SCUBA class
 Helping the sponsoring church at their annual yard sale
 Reviewing the site of a potential Eagle Project
 January 2019 D&H Canal Campout January 2019 Stop the Bleed program
 Steve Fellenzer's Eagle Project May 2019  Austen Hyrnda's Eagle Project July 2019Austen Hyrnda's Eagle Project July 2019 
 Vincent Lam's Eagle Project September 2019 Frank Fellenzer's Eagle Project November 2019

Brian Youngs  (started in 2005)
David Campbell
Russ Padden - Contact Webmaster 
(I am no longer registered with the Troop. If the Troop becomes active again, I will set someone up to take over the site)